SEAZA Holds Wild Webinar Series

Fresh off the success of the 28th Annual and 1st Virtual Conference, the Southeast Asian Zoos and Aquariums Association held a series of specialized lectures called the SEAZA Wild Webinar Series spread out over seven episodes from mid-December 2020 to February 2021.

The SEAZA Wild Webinar Series was a learning initiative of the Association to continuously learn, train and share experiences from within and beyond the region. Its episodes covered animal welfare, conservation, health, training, among other matters relevant to zoo and aquarium experience and upkeep.

Following were the episodes of the SEAZA Wild Webinar Series and their respective dates:

  • Episode 1: Animal Welfare and Ethics (17 Dec 2020)
  • Episode 2: Successful Breeding and Conservation Efforts in Myanmar (9 Jan 2021)
  • Episode 3: Animal Training (16 Jan 2021)
  • Episode 4: Zoo Veterinary Medicine (23 Jan 2021)
  • Episode 5: Animal Enrichment (6 Feb 2021)
  • Episode 6: Species Management (20 Feb 2021)
  • Episode 7: Science and Welfare in Zoos (27 Feb 2021)

To watch the webinars again, please check our Facebook page.

The SEAZA Wild Webinar Series was hosted by Htoo Zoos and Gardens Business Unit of Myanmar and sponsored by 101 Zoos of Israel.

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