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The 29th Annual and 2nd Virtual SEAZA Conference was held from 9 to 12 November 2021 via Zoom. With the theme, “Zoos Moving Forward with Nature: Nurturing the Wild, Saving Our Future”, SEAZA sought to bring together the Southeast Asian zoo and aquarium community, the academe, industry, and the public to discuss how zoos continue to evolve into centers of conservation, education, and welfare especially during the CoViD-19 pandemic.

This year's Conference was hosted by the Philippine Zoos and Aquariums Association (PHILZOOS) in partnership with the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity and the Museum of Natural History - University of the Philippines Los Baños.


  • 101 Zoos, Israel - our Major Sponsor
  • Hazkoba, United Kingdom
  • Marine & Land Associates Ltd., Hong Kong


The Program Book will be available soon. This is why we will remove the posters in the meantime for inclusion in the Program Book.

The 2nd SEAZA Wild Webinar Series will be held in 2022. Please watch visit this link for details.

Conference Proceedings

Sponsors' Corner


101 Zoos

SEAZA welcomes back 101 Zoos as this year's major sponsor!

Established in 2014, 101 Zoos provides a holistic consulting service for zoos, wildlife parks and sanctuaries, safaris, aquaria and marine parks, botanical gardens, interpretive trails, and science centers. Their work includes all aspects from zoological and operational matters to educational, interpretive and experiential consulting.

They will be delivering a lecture during the Zoo Education and Experience session entitled, "How can we help our deer friends in zoos? If a leopard can change its spots, can the deer improve its popularity?" which will be delivered by Dr. Noam Werner. You may also speak to them during the breaks. Kindly look for Ms. Nicole Wexler, Dr. Noam Werner, and Mr. Shai Ben Ami.


Hazkoba is led by Ms. Nadia Riley. She describes herself as a multilingual, dynamic and ambitious architect. Her goal is to improve the welfare of animals in zoos, the quality of staff working environments, and the experience of visitors. Her work expresses a place-based approach to design, which is linked to the physical, environmental and cultural characteristics of the project location.

Nadia will be delivering a talk on Veterinary Architecture during the Zoo Design session.

Download her company brochure here.

Marine & Land Associates Limited, Hong Kong

Marine & Land Associates Ltdis the Hong Kong arm of Stand&Ocean Barcelona Spain, and they relocate, exchange, and supply exotic animals to zoos and aquariums all over the world.

Visit their Facebook pages and reach out to their director, Mrs. Lourdes Garibaldi and their Director of Research and Development, Mr. Jordi Serret.