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Come join us at SEAZA!

Kindly browse through the following types of membership and accomplish the appropriate application form and requirements at the end of each. Please read the Membership Primer by clicking this link for more details on the process of membership.

Current members, kindly register at the Members Area to view SEAZA member-exclusive content e.g. training materials, committee reports, etc.

Association Member

SEAZA Association Members are National Zoo Associations from the Southeast Asian Region.  Only one National Zoo Association from each Southeast Asian nation should be officially represented in SEAZA.  If a specific Southeast Asian country’s situation warrants for more than one zoo association to exist, then those organizations should reach an accord as to which among them would represent the nation in SEAZA.  Similarly, if no zoo association exists in a particular Southeast Asian country, then a duly-registered organization or company can act and register as such and represent the nation in SEAZA.

No membership fees shall apply to SEAZA-recognized National Zoo Associations.

Institution Member

SEAZA Institutional Members are zoological institutions (i.e., zoological gardens, aquariums, wildlife/marine parks, farm/nature resorts, etc.) that are open to the public and are located in Southeast Asia.  A Southeast Asian zoological institution intending to become a SEAZA Institutional Member should be, first, a member of the National Zoo Association of that institution’s country. A SEAZA Institutional Member shall be represented by the institution’s President/Chair/Director or CEO or any other high-level officer/executive as authorized by the institution’s board or upper management.

Zoological institutions under SEAZA-recognized National Zoo Associations are not automatic SEAZA Institutional Members unless an institution applies and be accepted as such.

The SEAZA Institutional Member application form can be downloaded here.

Affiliate Member

SEAZA Affiliates are:

1) zoological institutions or organizations that are based outside of Southeast Asia;

2) other scientific institutions/organizations (i.e., academia, museums, conservatories, farms & gardens, non-governmental organizations, animal interest groups, etc.) within or outside Southeast Asia that are advocating the same ideals as that of SEAZA and are willing to actively participate and be involved in the association’s programs and endeavors.

Affiliates may apply for SEAZA membership through this form.

Corporate Member

SEAZA Corporate Associates are either professional individuals or representatives of commercial companies delivering or rendering products and/or services to zoological institutions and who are advocating the same ideals as that of SEAZA and are willing to actively participate and be involved in the association’s programs and endeavors.

Companies seeking membership in SEAZA can submit this form.

Individual Member

SEAZA Individual Associates are individual persons who are either:

1) a professional or specialist whose field of work/interest is related to zoo/aquarium endeavors, or

2) a professional/specialist/researcher who is either working on wildlife/biodiversity oriented programs or affiliated/associated with zoological institutions or organizations.

SEAZA Individual Associates cannot officially represent the institution/organization to which they are affiliated unless that institution/organization applies as an Institutional Member or Affiliate and be accepted as such.

Individuals who would like to be members of SEAZA can use this form to apply for membership.