Animal Welfare and Ethics Committee


Mr. Willem Manansang

Deputy Director

Taman Safari Indonesia

Bogor, Indonesia

Deputy Chair

Dr. Visit Arsaithamkul

Zoological Park Organization under the Royal Patronage of H.M. The King

Bangkok, Thailand


Dr. Ridhwan Affendi

Zoo Taiping and Night Safari

Perak, Malaysia

Dr. Lester Louis Lopez

Philippine Zoos and Aquariums Association


Ms. Claudia Tay

Wildlife Reserves Singapore


Dr. Shawn Peng

Taipei Zoo


Mr. Bùi Phi Hoàng

Vinpearl Safari and Conservation Park

Phú Quốc, Vietnam

The Southeast Asian Zoos and Aquariums Association, through its Animal Welfare and Ethics Committee, has released and implemented in 2019 its Code of Welfare and Ethics, Welfare Standards and Welfare Standards Checklist in response to the need to promote and practice high standards of animal welfare among its members in the region. These standards and checklist were developed based on the Five Domains model for animal welfare. These documents which promote global best practices on animal welfare have three main objectives:

  1. create an opportunity to have a common understanding of positive animal welfare in the region;
  2. encourage leaders, advocates, and authoritative advisers in achieving prominent welfare standards for the animals in our care which includes maintaining their physical and behavioral needs; and
  3. provide opportunities for non-member institutions and governments in the region to adopt these standards.

SEAZA has begun conducting welfare audits among its members beginning with Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia in 2019. A report on the results of these audits can be viewed here.

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SEAZA AWEC Position Statements