SEAZA Objectives

  • Ensure the well-being and welfare of wildlife under human care through advocating continuous development and committed implementation of ethical and sound ex situ animal management practices;
  • Ensure zoological institutions’ ability to maintain sustainable and viable populations of wildlife species in ex situ settings through advocating scientific research and effective population management programs;
  • Encourage zoological institutions to maximize visitor experience through innovative and relevant education programs aimed at promoting nature appreciation and biodiversity conservation awareness and action;
  • Inspire zoological institutions to be primary centers for biodiversity and wildlife habitat conservation through encouraging them to participate or engage in in situ – ex situ scientific research and education initiatives;
  • Promote camaraderie and cooperation between zoological and other scientific, educational, and conservation institutions and organizations within the Southeast Asian Region and the rest of the world in the common pursuit of noble interests and goals with implications to biodiversity and wildlife habitat conservation