Membership and Information Committee


Mr. Yok Lin Gaw


Philippine Zoos and Aquariums Association



Dr. Kevin Lazarus


Malaysian Association of Zoological Parks and Aquaria


Mr. Kumar Pillai

Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Per a Board Resolution carried in July 2018, the Southeast Asian Zoos and Aquariums Association (SEAZA) Membership and Information Committee, chaired by Mr. Yok Lin Gaw, President of the Philippine Zoos and Aquariums Association (PHILZOOS) and SEAZA Board Member, established an office based in the Philippines under the care of PHILZOOS.

The committee is tasked to review applications from prospective members and coordinate assessment visits to these institutions. It is also in charge of the online presence and fielding queries from current and prospective members.

To get in touch with us, you may use the contact form on the "Contact Us" tab, or you may email us directly through

Photos of institutional assessments can be viewed at our Facebook page.

Institutional Assessments

Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

Toril, Corte, Carmen, Cebu 6005


18-20 February 2019

Cebu Safari assessment

A'Famosa Safari Wonderland

Jalan Kemus, Simpang Empat

78000 Alor Gajah, Melaka


17 -19 March 2019

A'Famosa assessment